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Gastronorm - Type T - GN1/1 & 2/1

Gastro 530x325 - bbaking trays & grids (3 products)
Gastro 650x530 - baking trays & grids (3 products)
Gastronorm - Type T - GN1/1 & 2/1

In gastronomy and catering, these dimensions are the standard: 530 x 325 mm (Gastro 1/1) and 650 x 530 mm (Gastro 2/1). Evidently, the necessary stainless steel transport trolleys are also used for this in internal and external logistics. From production to cooling, from cooling to distribution; a Lineoplus trolley is always useful. Equipped with soft-running plastic swivel wheels with plastic fork. The cart with 20 levels is also suitable for GN1/1 ABS plates. The GN2/1 trolleys are suitable for wire grids or plates in size 650 x 530 mm or for 2 x GN1/1 (530 x 325 mm). Choice of carts with 10, 15 or 20 levels.