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Bakerynorm - Type T - 600x400

Bakery 600x400 - baking trays & grids (4 products)
Bakery 600x400 - ABS trays (4 products)
Bakery 600x400 - stacking crates (1 products)
Bakerynorm - Type T - 600x400

Euro 600 x 400 mm is the most common size in bakeries. Pistolets, oven cakes, pastries and much more are cooled, baked and transported on baking trays or grids. The 600 x 400 mm size is also common for internal logistics in supermarkets and foodstores. Unbreakable 600 x 400 ABS trays with their typical deep edge are often used for this purpose. For the transport of foodstuffs and preparations, or to deliver incoming or outgoing goods to the site, Euronorm stacking bins are also a popular means of transport. For this too, Lineoplus offers a robust system.