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6611 / 6622 / 6811 - Separate rack parts

Levels - polymer perforated (6611) (30 products)
Levels - polymer full (6622) (20 products)
Levels - aluminium grids (6811) (30 products)
Uprights (12 products)
Angle connections (3 products)
Uprights for mobile racks (3 products)
Parts & dunnage racks (20 products)
6611 / 6622 / 6811 - Separate rack parts

The Fermostock 6611, 6622 and 6811 programm is a universal rack system made of aluminium based on modular elements. It characterizes itself by a very simple assembly, easy maintenance, very good resistance against corrosion, good stability and large flexibility. Choose between levels, uprights and angle connections with depth 360, 460 or 560 mm (6622 only available in depth 460 and 560 mm).

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