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Linum Europe is distributor of the Australian brand Roband. This family-owned company produces and distributes products for the food equipment branche such as Grill Stations, Toasters, heating lamps, milkshake mixers, ...

Roband heating lamps:


The Roband lamp assemblies are a stylish and essential tool to keep prepared food at the required temperature before the meal is delivered to the patron.


The range contains two product lines. The Roband quartz heat lamps that provide a combination of heat and light are generally used in pass-through areas.

The Roband infra-red heating assemblies that utilise infra-red to provide variable and efficient heat are used in the kitchen back-of house where heat but no illumination of the foods is required.


The Roband heating lamps can be found HERE.



Roband Grill Station:

This contact grill was designed for outlets with a great demand for producing grilled bread products such as paninis, focaccias and sandwiches as well as kebabs and skewers. The Roband Grill Station delivers heat quickly and efficiently to the food being grilled.

Available in 6 or 8 slice bread capacity with optional ribbed top plate for producing grill marks.

De Roband Grill stations (contact-grill) can be found HERE.



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Roband toasters:


Elegantly designed and crafted, the revolutionary Roband Sycloid® “Cool to Touch” toaster sets a new standard for high speed toast production.The Sycloid’s stylish exterior houses a cleverly engineered machine that provides truly functional energy efficient operation and an outstanding toasting result time after time.


The Roband Griddle Toaster is the perfect combination device to prepare at the same time, a delicious toast, while you are cooking a perfect burger, steak, bacon or an egg.


The Roband toasters can be found HERE.




Roband Soup Kettle:


The Roband Soup Kettle delivers an attractive presentation of your soup.

With its large 10.8 litres capacity and its energy-saving design, the Roband Soup Kettle fits in every commercial situation.


The Roband Soup Kettle can be found HERE.