Installation materials and accessories for HVAC, refrigeration, industrial kitchens and foodlogistics


Plasti-Bac is specialising in developing and selling plastic boxes, pallets and related packaging for professional use in storage (warehouse boxes, toolboxes, and tilting box modules, etc.), logistics (stackable containers, distribution boxes, pallet boxes, pallets, construction buckets and mortar troughs), food & catering (baskets, mixing containers, E2 crates, revolving stackable containers, hand scoops, cool boxes), waste management (waste containers, sorting boxes, ashtrays and dustbins), facility (racks) and industrial packaging (packaging, buckets with lids, bottles, IBCs, drums and jerrycans).


Plastibac is part of the Linum company group. Visit for further information.



Discover our solutions for coldrooms (+ and - temperatures):


  • Anti-slip plastic floor tiles
  • Dunnage racks
  • E2 bins and hygienic pallets for the food industry
  • ...




Discover our solutions for hotels, restaurants, catering, professional kitchens:


  • Gastroplus IML bins (gastronorm foodstorage boxes)
  • Warehouse bins for food applications
  • Plastic dough ball crates
  • Swing lid bins with HACCP colours...