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Stock item or on order

Stock item or article on order ?


On the Linum website you will find a very complete range of articles from various suppliers.

Each article has a certain life cycle and importance within the range.

Therefore, our articles are divided into 3 groups:

  • Stock articles: the most numerous group of articles, which we keep in stock for you (subject to temporary stock outages). These articles can - according to the rules of our return policy - be returned if ordered incorrectly.

  • Articles to order: articles that we can offer you, and which we have purchased specifically for you from the supplier in question. It is possible that we still have some of these articles available from stock. Additional quantities are only ordered according to the MOQ that the supplier imposes on us. The available quantities and/or the MOQ are mentioned in the detail sheet of the article. Articles on order can under no circumstances be returned to us.

  • Outlet articles: articles that definitively disappear from the range. No additional items can be ordered. You can see the available remaining stock in the shop. The stock status is marked in high blue. Outlet articles cannot be returned.


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