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Shipping costs

How do we calculate the shipping costs of your order ?


The shipping costs on the Linum website are based on the dimensions and/or specific packing requirements of the article.

For this, our articles are divided into 3 port groups:


   • Transport group A = articles with a length, width and height less than 2.00 meters.
   • Transport group B = (dimensionally stable) articles with a length, width or height equal to or greater than 2.00 meters.
   • Transport group C = articles with special packaging requirements (e.g. glass, glass doors, ADR articles).


In addition, there is also a transport group D. Items in transport group D have at least 1 undistorted dimension between 1.20 and 2.00 meters and are subject to a fixed surcharge on the transport cost of group A. Upon reaching a defined total price - net, excl. VAT - items from port group A and D are delivered carriage paid to a single address. Below this fixed carriage paid limit, items in port group A are subject to fixed shipping costs according to the scale of your order (excl. VAT).

For articles from port group B and/or C, the best possible shipping price is always calculated based on the size, weight and nature of the shipment. This price is confirmed to you within 24 hours (business days) in an official order confirmation. If your order contains one item from port group B or C, shipping costs are calculated even if the net total price of your order is higher than the established carriage paid limit.

These conditions are not valid for special sales promotions, nor for separate delivery conditions such as express shipments and/or shipments outside the country (export orders). Such shipments are always subject to market-based shipping costs.


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Port table - Items from port group A
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