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ZIP-CLIP cable systems for HVAC, isothermal construction and electro



• Reduced labour cost
• Easy to use (compact)
• Easy to transport and cut
• Fast installation
• Reduces individual components
• Vibration reduction
• Reduced risk of injury
• Reduces impact on the environment
• Internal construction (spring) in stainless steel, housing in zamak
• Zip-clip in combination with other fixations available on demand

• HVAC: ducting & trunking, fan coil units, radiant heat panels, gas- & water pipes
• CONSTRUCTION: coldrooms (pos. & neg. temperatures), ceiling systems,
   interior design
• ELEKTRICAL: luminaires, busbars, cable baskets
*: Always use Zip-Clip cable systems with Zip-Clip cables


1. Pass the wire through the zip-clip
2. Loop the wire through or around the anchor point
3. Pass the wire back through the zip-clip allowing 15cm of wire protruding
4. Apply tension
5. To adjust, take the load off and pull the tail slightly to disengage the teeth,
     then release using the adjustment pin - no tools required

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