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World Refrigeration Day, the Coolest Day of the Year!

On 26 June 2019 is the first ever “World Refrigeration Day”. This day is about raising awareness around the world of the importance of air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pumps in our modern life.

Did you know that …

…. 26 June has not been randomly chosen?

26 June is the birthday of William Thomson, better known as Lord Kelvin, the British physicist who was born on 26/06/1824 and died on 17/12/1907. His most important work was in the field of thermodynamics, in particular the Kelvin temperature scale, electricity and laying a trans-Atlantic telegraph cable.

… World Refrigeration Day is being support by the most important organisations in the field, and international bodies?

Organisations such as AREA, ASHRAE, EPEE, IOR, REFCOM and even UNEP (OzonAction) are actively supporting this day amongst their members and partners. On World Refrigeration Day, there will doubtless be discussions about the further developments of refrigerants with low Global Warming Potential (GWP).

… the man behind World Refrigeration Day is Stephen Gill?

Consultant Steve Gill is former president of the British Institute of Refrigeration (IOR) and an authority on cooling. It has become his personal mission to dedicate an international day to the many specialists and experts behind refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump technology.

…. the goal of World Refrigeration Day is ‘awareness raising’?

With this international day, the sector wants to show how important the technology behind refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps is, and how this technology has become ever more important for our modern society over recent years. From building technology, transport and storage to food presentation and catering, various refrigeration technologies have a large impact on our daily thoughts and actions.


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