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Water is rare! Avoid wasting it! | AQUA

An infrared faucet is both water saving and cost saving.

Al our models have a fast reaction time and guarantee a perfect hygiene.


Discover our large offer "Single Sensor" and "Dual Sensor" infrared faucets and choose between battery-use or voltage-system (AC/DC).

They can be used in hospitals, hotels, restaurants, public places, etc...


Click HERE to check out our infrared faucets.


If you're looking for a stylish electronic faucet for semi-professional kitchens, than we suggest our "Hello Dual Sensor" infrared faucet from DMP Electronics.

This will give your kitchen an extra "touch" and is available in multiple colours.


Click HERE to discover our rectangular and our round version of this state of the art faucet!

Do not hesitate to contact us for specific colours!