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Fluï Kitchen Assistant | AQUA

With the patented Fluï Kitchen Assistant you're saving both time and money. With unknown precision the water jet is being stopped when the desired amount of water has been reached. Good for your budget and for the environment!

Moreover: Fluï is ergonomic, easy to use and environmental-friendly.

The product meets the strictest European safety norms and was developped cfr the food safety regulations.


"New products award" at Europain, the international trade fair for the bakery industry.


The Fluï Kitchen Assistant was recently nominated for the award for best novelty at Europain 2018. Europain has its place in Paris and is one of the largest trade fairs for the bakery, patisserie and chocolate sector worldwide. The Fluï was selected on the basis of its innovative character, ease of use and economic character, both in time and in consumption.

The Flui operates on a 9 V battery and measures 80x131x136 mm. The device has a range of 0.05 L to 999 L and is accurate to 1 cl. The maximum water temperature may be up to 65° C. The Fluï also has an on / off button to directly obtain water through the tap without the intervention of the device.


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