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Roband at Host Milano 2019
Are you planning your visit to Host Milano 2019? Visit Roband at pavilion 4P, stand E63.

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World Refrigeration Day, the Coolest Day of the Year!

On 26 June 2019 is the first ever “World Refrigeration Day”. This day is about raising awareness around the world of the importance of air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pumps in our modern life.

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LINUM GROUP builds spectacular site in Kortrijk-North
Fred Vanderbeke, alongside his son Jan who also works for the Linum Group, has unveiled plans for a new site at Kortrijk-North. This will be an architectural landmark. The move is necessary because of the large growth, year after year, of the Vanderbeke family's four companies. In Kuurne, Linum was recently crowned "company of the year".

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The newest Alixo aluminium roof inlets are now standard with a handy flange (patented) on the neck. This flange provides an even better waterproof connection with any type of roof covering during installation.

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Air Alixo cleaning products | HVAC

Air Alixo offers a complete range of professional cleaning and maintenance products. They meet the Regulation (EU) No 528/2012 and its amendments.

Discover our complete Air Alixo offer HERE.

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New Lineoplus Products | FOOD

Discover our brand new food safe quality products !

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Are you looking for innovative and distinguishing products? Linum Europe likes to help you!

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The Christmas fairs have arrived
It’s the time of the Christmas fairs… Time to keep us warm!

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HOST Milan

Are you visiting the international hospitality fair ‘HOST‘ in October in Milan?

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FIFO Sauce Gun Bottle | FOOD

FIFO Sauce Gun Bottle: use our Sauce Gun Bottle with widely used sauce guns for consistent portioning of your thin and thick sauces.

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Water is rare! Avoid wasting it! | AQUA

Water levels haven't been this low in years since the recent heat wave !

We're being informed to be economical with our consumption of tap water.

In this case, our Linum infrared faucets come in handy!

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Barbecue at its best with the Linum stainless steel skewers! | FOOD
The weather is warm and everyone is getting the barbecue out in the garden. The sausages, ribs, meat brochettes and sticks are moving quickly over the counter…

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New tank pump in the Aspen range | HVAC
The Max Hi Flow pump (ASP-153) is the newest tank pump in our Aspen Pumps range. This pump replaces the Hi-Flow-range (ASP-151 & ASP-152).

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DayMark Pan Liners | FOOD
Keep the quality and flavor of your dishes up to the maximum with the DayMark Steam Pan Liners & Ovenable Pan Liners.

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Linum heating lamps | HARDWARE

Discover our range of Linum heating lamps in standard or retro execution; available in multiple colours.

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Skewers: bamboo versus stainless steel. A scientific study
Linum Europe joined forces with Ghent University to conduct a scientific study. The study was conducted at the Department of Applied Biosciences in the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering.

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Lineoplus brochure

Discover our vast range presentation trays & bowls and create the perfect counter with LINEOPLUS !

Click here to request your printed copy (French, German or Dutch)

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ZIP-CLIP cable systems for HVAC, isothermal construction and electro

Zip-Clip are practical hanging systems with fine steel cables and locking mechanisms to mount various HVAC, construction and electric applications.


Request your copy via marketing@linum.eu (French, German or Dutch; English not available)



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