Installation materials and accessories for HVAC, refrigeration, industrial kitchens and foodlogistics


Linum Europe also distributes some house brands. The brand "Linum" you can find through our complete range.
(except at "FOOD", because here "Lineoplus" is our house brand)

Here you can find an overview of our "Linum" products:




Linum door catchers and door stops catch the door and block the door in a silent way (in coldrooms and freezers) before it closes.

Multiple coldroom profiles (plinths, U-channel profiles, rounded corners, ...) for coldrooms for a perfect hygienic finish of walls and ceilings in food processing companies, catering and coldrooms, …Elastic kits & silicone kits, bumpers, condensate evaporators and resistances are also available.

Universal Linum FIFO rack system specially designed for a perfect presentation and rotation of refrigerated products behind fixed or sliding glass doors.

Professional and elegant Linum coldroom arrangement for coldrooms, workshops for butchers, meat processing companies, supermarkets, morgues, …







Fully modular and highly flexible Linum rack system for food safe and hygienic storage applications. The Linum LN150 rack system is made in anodized aluminium, the Linum LN250 rack system in stainless steel and the Linum LN650 rack system is galvanized (dry storage).







Linum channel ducts and accessories for finishing and fixing air conditioning and cooling pipes, electric cables, units, installations, …

Large offer anti-vibration elements for the reduction of noise and vibrations under the HVAC unit.

Our discrete Linum condensing unit guards offer protection against damage or vandalism of the external HVAC unit. We also offer soundproof enclosures for too noisy external heat pump units.







Solid adjustable Linum foot inserts and equipment legs with high load capacity for square and round tubes.

Linum convex & concave ball bearings, ball bearings with rubber band, flat ball bearings, ...

Broad range of Linum rubber waste chute rings, stainless steel weld-in rings (and stainless steel covers) and swinglids to integrate in kitchen tablets and various furniture for the company interior: coffee corner, self-service, waste collection space in canteens, warehouses, sanitary spaces.

Linum is also your partner for stainless steel bread racks. These have optional LED-lights integrated in the stainless steel tube, in the backwall or in both for a modern look.







Professional faucets (pre-rinse shower units, mixing faucets, ...) for industrial kitchens, professional kitchens, hotel and catering industry, …

We also offer water stations and glass fillers, Linum hose reel spray units to clean ovens, steamers, work tables, ... in workplaces, preparing rooms, ...

Linum stainless steel drains & drainage canals are also available for an optimal and hygienic water drainage in several sectors such as food industry, pharmaceutical & chemical industry, ...




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