Installation materials and accessories for HVAC, refrigeration, industrial kitchens and foodlogistics


Linum Europe also distributes some house brands, within "FOOD" this is the brand "Lineoplus".

Lineoplus represents food safe, professional and qualitative products. These are daily being used in restaurants, hotels (bar trays, cutting boards, ...) in butcher's shops (presentation trays, gloves, ...), in bakeries (wire grids, pastry trays), and so on.

Here you can find an overview of our "Lineoplus" products:




Reliable Lineoplus ice crushers with container below to use in bar, hotel, food shop, catering, ...

Lineoplus eutectic plates for presentation, transport and distribution of fresh or frozen products.

Lineoplus bar trays with antislip coating for café, bar, tea-room, discotheque, ... The special coating avoids the movement of glasses, even when in wet condition.







Attractive Lineoplus trays in synthetic material or in metal for a perfect presentation in counters (bakery, butchery, caterer, ...) and buffets. Lineoplus ABS trays for fish, meat, bread and other food preparations.

Lineoplus stainless steel serving trolleys for hotels, restaurants, bars, laboratories, …







Solid Lineoplus cutlery trays for restaurants, hotels, catering, ...

Lineoplus wire grids for general applications (ovens, refrigerated furniture, transport undercarriages, ...). Multiple dimensions (Euronorm & Gastronorm) and executions: stainless steel, chromium plated or rilsans.
Hygienic, reusable stainless steel Lineoplus skewers. Different shapes (flat, round or oval) and lengths available.

Lineoplus flexible silicone baking mats and baking trays for professional use. Multiple dimensions (Gastronorm & Euronorm) and executions.







Lineoplus professional gloves that protect the kitchen staff against the heat of oven trays, pots and pans, but also against cold objects or working in cold environment and cutting wounds from sharp object or sharp edges.
Leather Lineoplus oven gloves and oven cloths resistant to temperatures up to +300°C. Applications: bakery, pizzeria, restaurant kitchens, ...

Functional Lineoplus cutting boards for professional use. Available in HACCP color-coding colors and a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses (with or without juice groove) for every application.