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Sinks in stainless steel Ronda

To weld - round with overflow (4 products)
Built-in - round with overflow (3 products)
To weld - square without overflow (9 products)
To weld - square with overflow (18 products)
Built-in - square without overflow (2 products)
Built-in - square with overflow (4 products)
To weld - rectangular without overflow (24 products)
To weld - rectangular with overflow (24 products)
Built-in - rectangular without overflow (2 products)
Built-in - rectangular with overflow (2 products)
Sinks in stainless steel Ronda

The Ronda sinks in stainless steel AISI 304 are 1 piece deep-drawn. The sinks can be welded seamlessly into a stainless steel worktop. This has the advantage that both the stainless steel worktop and the stainless steel sink are very hygienic and easy to maintain. Ronda built-in sinks have a perfectly folded edge, which makes them fit seamlessly on top of the recess in the worktop. Aesthetics, functionality and hygiene go together perfectly here.