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Ffloor drains in stainless steel

Floor drains 100x100 mm (4 products)
Floor drains 150x150 mm (4 products)
Floor drains 200x200 mm (8 products)
Floor drains 250x250 mm (2 products)
Floor drains 300x300 mm (6 products)
Floor drains 350x350 mm (1 products)
Floor drains 600x300 mm (2 products)
Floor drains 600x600 mm (2 products)
Accessories floor drains (6 products)
Ffloor drains in stainless steel

For optimal and hygienic drainage, our Linum floor drains come into the picture. They are made in the EU and are characterised by their high quality and perfect finish. There is a choice of various models with horizontal or vertical drains and standard or heavy duty grids. They can be found in commercial kitchens, industrial production areas, breweries, the food industry, department stores, etc.