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Installation materials and accessories for HVAC, refrigeration, industrial kitchens and foodlogistics

Hood ceiling lamps & grease filters

LED hood ceiling lamps Linum (7 products)
T5 hood ceiling lamps Linum (1 products)
Labyrinth filters Bauart A Linum (7 products)
Labyrinth filters Bauart B Linum (9 products)
Hood ceiling lamps & grease filters

The presence of good lighting in a cooker hood makes cooking so much more enjoyable. Linum stainless steel labyrinth filters increase safety in the cooker hood and contribute to a cleaner working environment. They ensure that grease and oil are not drawn off into the ventilation system. The energy-efficient Linum LED ceiling lamp and the labyrinth filters for cooker hoods were developed especially for intensive use in industrial kitchens, catering and restaurant kitchens, etc.