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Foot inserts

Square tube 25 mm (2 products)
Square tube 30 mm (5 products)
Square tube 35 mm (7 products)
Square tube 40 mm (10 products)
Round tube 38 mm (4 products)
Round tube 40 mm (2 products)
Round tube 41 mm (2 products)
Round tube 42,4 mm (1 products)
Round tube 45 mm (2 products)
Round tube 50 mm (1 products)
Round tube 70 mm (1 products)
Foot inserts

Foot inserts and equipment legs are an indispensable part of workbenches and refrigerators, worktables and other stainless steel constructions in professional kitchens, laboratories and workshops. Linum foot inserts are available in numerous designs and for various tube sizes, so that a suitable solution can always be offered for the specific circumstances.