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Pre-rinse faucets

Pre-rinse faucets Encore (9 products)
Pre-rinse faucets Linum (21 products)
Pre-rinse faucets A-Line (1 products)
Pre-rinse faucets KWC (2 products)
Spare parts Encore pre-rinse faucets (45 products)
Spare parts Linum pre-rinse faucets (24 products)
Pre-rinse faucets

Restaurant and industrial kitchens have busy shifts every day. It goes without saying that the dishwasher must be able to keep up with the pace of the chef and the room staff. Count on the 'Encore', 'Linum Premium', 'A-Line' & 'KWC' pre-wash showers for this. In no time at all, you can clean most dirt from pots, pans, cutlery, crockery, etc. Fresh products such as vegetables, fruit and fish can also be rinsed off perfectly and hygienically, both in a commercial and a residential (low level pre-flush showers) environment. A pre-rinse shower need not therefore be found only in a washing-up environment.