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Drawer slides in stainless steel

Regular 40 kg dyn. (4 products)
Regular 45 kg dyn. (5 products)
Regular 50 kg dyn. (9 products)
Regular 100 kg dyn. (5 products)
Progressive 60 kg dyn. (2 products)
Progressive 70 kg dyn. (23 products)
Progressive 120 kg dyn. (4 products)
Telescopic (7 products)
Drawer slides in stainless steel

Drawers in (industrial) kitchens and catering establishments often have to put up with a lot. They have to be able to withstand frequent opening and closing, high temperatures, heavy load ... and still work smoothly. Fulterer is known worldwide as a leading manufacturer of robust, innovative and reliable drawer slide systems in galvanized steel and stainless steel.