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Buffet systems & brackets

Tube diameter 25 mm (16 products)
Tube diameter 38 mm (23 products)
Extra Lock glue for stainless steel (1 products)
Brackets for shelves (6 products)
Brackets for trayslides (2 products)
Buffet systems & brackets

Put together the perfect railing system to suit your needs with our Linum innovative railing & buffet systems. Choose from various handrail holders, footrests, fittings, tubes and glass clamps with diameter 25 mm or 38 mm. Always high-quality materials for application in various catering establishments and self-service areas. Stainless steel Linum shelf brackets for carrying shelves or for tray slides in catering establishments and self-service areas. There is a choice of both foldable and fixed shelf brackets for heavy loads. The foldable brackets have the advantage that they can be folded down when not in use. There are also removable models of these, so that the shelves can be easily cleaned.