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Coffee grounds drawers & neutral drawers

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Coffee grounds drawers & neutral drawers

The Ronda built-in coffeeground drawers in stainless steel AISI 304 are indispensable in hotels, bars, restaurants. They are equipped with a stainless steel front and a removable inner tray for easy emptying and cleaning. Various versions are available for both coffee grounds (with sturdy removable knockout bar) and documents and money (with lock). The Ronda hopper for coffee (substructure) in stainless steel AISI 304 can be mounted directly under the counter. It is fitted with a removable inner drawer, a sturdy removable knockout bar and a shiny stainless steel front. Free-standing Lineoplus coffeeground drawers are the solution for pop-up establishments or for bars and counters where built-in installation is not possible. The sturdy housing easily carries the common smaller espresso machines. These units can be placed wherever you wish.