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Japan's INOAC offers a complete range of quality pre-insulated cooling pipes in copper or aluminium. A comparative study between INOAC and 6 other brands shows that INOAC comes out as the best performer. This included tests on insulation and packaging quality, weight and strength, efficiency,... . INOAC always comes out on top. INOAC also offers the ‘Conic Joint’, a mechanical coupling specially developed to connect copper and aluminium pipes to the appliance without flare. Finally, there are the CleanDuct mounting ducts for a beautiful finish to your HVAC installations.


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INOAC cooling pipes

A cooling duct is one of the most essential components of an air conditioning system or heat pump. Discover our complete range of high-quality, fire-retardant, single or double pre-insulated cooling pipes in copper or aluminium. These allow smooth connection between indoor and outdoor units, for example.


INOAC "Conic Joint"

The INOAC ‘Conic Joint’ mechanical fitting is specially designed to connect copper and aluminium pipes to the unit without flare. A double O-ring provides additional guarantee that no leaks occur (up to 43 bar). The simple 2-step mechanical assembly does not require heavy and expensive tools. Only a tightener and a spanner are required.


INOAC CleanDuct mounting ducts

Inoac's CleanDuct range gives an attractive look and finish to your HVAC installations and protects the cooling pipes running to the unit. Pipes and cables are optimally protected against UV and other external influences such as dirt, weather conditions and animals (insects, birds, etc.) that can affect the quality of the insulation.