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Roof inlets aluminium

Roof inlets - standard (8 products)
Roof inlets - adjustable underframe (4 products)
Roof inlets - insulated (4 products)
Roof inlets aluminium

These types of Alixo aluminium roof inlets are extremely durable. All pipes, cables and insulating sheaths are protected against rain penetration. The wide base surface guarantees an easy connection to the roof membrane and provides secure protection against water infiltration. Aluminium roof inlets can be installed on all types of roofs. They are the best choice for a roof with roofing. Alixo roof inlets with a telescopic base are a combination of standard roof inlets and an adjustable base. This makes it possible to adjust the height perfectly according to the insulation thickness. This type is ideal for new construction or insulation projects. Alixo double-walled insulated aluminium roof inlets are equipped with a resealable plastic cap for perfect airtight sealing.