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Copper pipes - single INOAC

1/4" pre-insulated (2 products)
3/8" pre-insulated (2 products)
1/2" pre-insulated (2 products)
5/8" pre-insulated (2 products)
3/4" pre-insulated (1 products)
7/8" pre-insulated (2 products)
1 1/8" pre-insulated (1 products)
1 3/8" pre-insulated (1 products)
Metric (6-22 mm) (6 products)
Copper pipes - single INOAC

INOAC copper pipes are wrapped with polyethylene resin. Immediately around the pipe, on the insulation layer, is 3-layer polyethylene foam, with a EURO class B s1 d0 (EN 13501-1). They are suitable for all types of refrigerant gases (depending on the working pressure) and for continuous use at a temperature of 100°C and interval temperatures up to 110°C. No additional insulation material is required for installation, but we recommend mounting channels or adhesive tape. Straight copper pipes are flared at one end. They are supplied in lengths of 4 metres and are easy to bend with the appropriate tool. INOAC metric copper pipes on rolls have the same properties as standard copper pipes on rolls.