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Press fittings MaxiPro - Metric

MaxiPro starter kits - mm (1 products)
MaxiPro straight fittings - mm (9 products)
MaxiPro elbows and equal T - mm (36 products)
MaxiPro reduction couplers - mm (48 products)
MaxiPro closing caps - mm (9 products)
MaxiPro press jaws - mm (10 products)
Press fittings MaxiPro - Metric

MaxiPro fittings (metric)the press fitting system for use with hard, semi-hard or annealed copper pipes according to EN 12735-1, EN 12735-2 or ASTM-B280. A safe, permanently leak-free connection suitable for refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps. Press fittings save time and money since it can be connected much quicker and with less training compared to welding or soldering pipes. It also eliminates the need to shut down a pipe system should maintenance be necessary.

MaxiPro press jaws: secure and durable connection via 3-point compression.

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