Installation materials and accessories for HVAC, refrigeration, industrial kitchens and foodlogistics


To transport cooling gases in air conditioning and refrigeration applications, we need copper or aluminium pipes. These pipes need to be joined together using fittings. Depending on the application, different connection techniques are available. To connect copper and aluminium pipes to the device without flare, there is the INOAC "Conic Joint". Thanks to specially developed fittings and tighteners, this "mechanical joint" is achieved. The Flexflair "leak proof flare fittings" in turn use a renewable trumpet ring that replaces the traditional flare connection. If one needs fittings for use at high and low pressure, we recommend the Conex Bänninger ACR solder fittings. Next, we also offer Conex Bänninger MaxiPro "press fittings" in both inch and metric sizes. Unlike the above fittings to be soldered with brazing alloys and brazing torches, these are connected using the Rothenberger Romax Compact TT hydraulic press machine. Finally we're offering the SERTO Plug & Play compression fittings. These high-quality fittings are used to join pipes for gas, water and central heating installation without welding or soldering.