Installation materials and accessories for HVAC, refrigeration, industrial kitchens and foodlogistics


Our HVAC auxiliary tools are designed to make your daily tasks easier, even in the most challenging conditions. For example, installing air conditioning units at height has become much easier thanks to our KSF electric assembly lift, and a wall unit can be installed by one person thanks to the Alixo Mighty Bracket. To have your tools quickly to hand as an HVAC installer, there are the specially developed Veto Pro Pac & Fieldpiece tool bags. With advanced LED technology, our UNILITE head lamps, inspection lamps, work lamps and flashlights provide bright and focused light, allowing you to work effortlessly even in dark areas or equipment parts. Our UNILITE safety glasses, heavy duty safety gloves and utility knives also play an essential role in the HVAC sector, where professionals are daily exposed to various risks during the maintenance, installation and repair of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. 
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