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Installation materials and accessories for HVAC, refrigeration, industrial kitchens and foodlogistics


No kitchen without good heating lamps to serve dishes perfectly at temperature. Linum offers both traditional towing lamps and stylish free standing lamps for modern and traditional kitchens. At Roband, you have the choice between quartz glass heat lamps that give a combination between heat and light, as well as infrared heat lamps that give more heat and no light. For precise, user-friendly portioning of sauces in restaurants, FIFO Innovations offers the well-known Fifo Bottle bottles, Portion Pal and Sauce Guns. In addition to this range, there are also the Lineoplus stainless steel sauce dispensing systems with lever or pump system. Fancy a fondue? Then Kisag is your partner for pots, fondue sets, gas burners and accessories. What is also indispensable in catering establishments are napkins. For this, San Jamar offers a wide range of napkin, lid and straw dispensers.