Installation materials and accessories for HVAC, refrigeration, industrial kitchens and foodlogistics

Various kitchen tools and accessories

Knife rack and knife sharpener (3 products)
Peelers Kisag (7 products)
Disposable piping bags and nozzles (3 products)
Skewers in stainless steel (16 products)
Check rack and cutlery tray (9 products)
Cooling plate Staychill (1 products)
Various kitchen tools and accessories

For efficient daily kitchen operation, numerous useful kitchen tools are also indispensable. The range consists of essential tools and hygienic aids to make the processing and/or preparation of food user-friendly and in accordance with the HACCP standards. Think Edlund knife racks, Kisag peelers, Lineoplus piping bags and skewers in stainless steel, ...