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Gastronorm bins in stainless steel

Premium Line full (42 products)
Premium Line perforated (23 products)
Premium Line lids and accessories (19 products)
Top Line full, flat flange (9 products)
Top Line full (41 products)
Top Line perforated (15 products)
Top Line with retractable handles (19 products)
Top Line lids and accessories (43 products)
Gastronorm bins in stainless steel

A gastronorm is a durable and solid food container manufactured in accordance with European EN 631 standards. Stainless steel gastronorm containers from Ronda and Gastroplus are used daily for storing, cooking, displaying and transporting both hot and cold food products. You will find them in various food-grade materials and in a wide variety of sizes and depths. Each gastronorm, from large to small, is an efficient and cost-saving piece of kitchen material, employable for a wide range of purposes. Note :  Ronda Top Line and Gastroplus Premium Line are 2 different series, which makes that the lids are only suitable for their own series.