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Commercial refrigeration equipment is usually subject to a lot of wear and tear. Worn, cracked or broken gaskets cost a lot of money due to escaping cold air which wastes electricity. They also provide an ideal, hard-to-clean breeding ground for diseases causing microorganisms. It's a bad day if the health department tells your customer he can’t use his cooler for business purposes because it does not meet minimum health standards. So it's very important to install a new gasket on existing refrigerators or freezers from time to time.


Linum Europe specializes in manufacturing custom made magnetic and compression replacement gaskets and other hardware parts for refrigeration equipment for commercial and industrial applications.


Gasketline custom-made door gaskets and magnetic gaskets can be used with doors and drawers from refrigerators, coldrooms, counters, bottle coolers, bar furniture, wine coolers, ...


The Gasket@Line range contains:

  • rubber gaskets for coldooms (pos. & neg. temperatures)
  • sponge rubber and cell rubber gaskets
  • silicone gaskets for oven doors
  • PVC profiles with or without magnetic strip (flat, compression or crale)
  • specials: contra welded profiles, soft PVC prfiles, TPE profiles


Simply choose the gasket profile that matches the original door gasket from the diagrams.


We make your custom-made PVC gasket with perfectly welded corners.

This results in a perfect gasket according to your wishes and the dimensions of the door opening.


  • specialist since 1983
  • perfect customization
  • also in small quantities
  • partner of the installer


Gasketline is exclusively for professional installations placed by installers and refrigeration technicians, resellers and specialist dealers. We don't install gaskets ourselves.




  • Log on to the Linum website and click on the Gasketline logo on the homepage
  • E-mail us a clear photo to
  • Send us a picture via Whatsapp: +32 (0)471 701 799


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