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Cooper-Atkins is an American manufacturer of professional thermometers and measuring instruments.

Since 1885 it supplies temperature control devices for the food sector and various industrial applications such as HVAC.

Particularly within the field of food service thermometers, Cooper-Atkins is at the top of the segment.
The current HACCP regulation requires correct measurements and control from the receipt of raw materials to the serving or delivery of the prepared food. A durable and reliable thermometer is of great importance.

For each application, Cooper-Atkins offers a suitable instrument, ranging from the standard pocket thermometer, to the more specialized thermocouple and monitoring & datalogging instruments.

Butcher, baker, restaurant owner, grocery chef ... Everyone is responsible for delivering products according to current HACCP standards and food safety regulations.

Linum Europe has been Cooper-Atkins distributor for more than 10 years.
Our offer can be found in the section FOOD SAFETY - Temperature Control:



For further information, we would like to refer you to the website of "Cooper-Atkins".

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