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Great Stuff Pro



Great Stuff Pro is a trademark of the DuPont Performance Building Solutions group. This brand encompasses one-component polyurethane foams, ideal for filling joints, passages, and small voids. These foams are also employed for sealing gaps in roofing structures, installing windows and doors, and enhancing insulation in cooling systems.


PU foam is a liquid polyurethane available in aerosol cans. Upon application, it cures to form a solid, sturdy, yet lightweight foam with superior thermal and acoustic insulation properties. Great Stuff Pro is designed for professional use and comes in various forms, including straw foam and gun foam.


Additionally, there is a specialized fire-resistant variant: B1 foam, which holds a B1 certification along with EN 1366-4 and BS476 standards. This foam provides up to five hours of fire resistance as per the BS standard.



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