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Froth-Pak | DuPont




Froth-Pak is a trademark of the global DuPont Performance Building Solutions group. It encompasses a series of two-component polyurethane foam kits. These portable spray kits enable professionals to easily create high-quality PU foam. The foam is designed for filling joints, cracks, and small gaps.

The Froth-Pak method utilizes a frothing technique that expands the foam tenfold in the spray mixing chamber, resulting in a creamy consistency initially, followed by a threefold expansion due to a temperature increase in the mix.

Following this, the foam solidifies rapidly. This method minimizes heat accumulation and compression force, allowing for more precise dosing of the foam. Once injected into a space, the foam expands to fill it entirely, and finishing work can proceed within minutes. The foam adheres well to most surfaces.


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