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ArmaFlex ACE Plus - on lengths of 2 m

6 mm insul. thickness (9 products)
9 mm insul. thickness (16 products)
13 mm insul. thickness (15 products)
19 mm insul. thickness (14 products)
25 mm insul. thickness (11 products)
32 mm insul. thickness (11 products)
9 mm insul. thickness - self-adhesive (8 products)
13 mm insul. thickness - self-adhesive (9 products)
19 mm insul. thickness - self-adhesive (7 products)
25 mm insul. thickness - self-adhesive (6 products)
ArmaFlex ACE Plus - on lengths of 2 m
Armacell‘s ArmaFlex ACE Plus is an insulation material developed on the basis of closed-cell elastomeric foam. It acts as an excellent barrier against condensation due to its high coefficient of resistance to water vapour diffusion. Also, it effectively reduces energy losses from installations and fittings because of its very low thermal conductivity.