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AF/ArmaFlex - on rolls

7 - 8,5 mm insul. thickness (8 products)
9,5 - 12,5 mm insul. thickness (8 products)
Plates on rolls (9 products)
Plates on rolls - self-adhesive (9 products)
AF/ArmaFlex - on rolls
This material has the same properties as ArmaFlex XG plus built-in Microban® antibacterial protection. It serves as insulation/protection for pipes, air ducts, vessels (including bends, fittings, flanges, etc.) of air-conditioning, refrigeration and process installations. AF/ArmaFlex insulation material also prevents condensation, saves energy and reduces impact noise in tap water and wastewater installations. Increasing insulation thickness for hoses ensures that surface temperature is maintained with increasing pipe diameter.