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Glassdoors Cisaplast


The rise in energy prices has everyone thinking about how we can save on our energy bills. For an energyefficient presentation of their FMCG goods, department stores, catering wholesalers, self-service shops, tank shops, ... can rely on the functional Cisaplast glass door systems. In combination with the Linum FIFO shelving systems, they provide an attractive and efficient presentation.


The main advantages :

✔ positive or negative temperatures

✔ crystal-clear presentation

✔ silver anodised aluminium or black varnished frame; black anodised built-in frame (Full Vision)

✔ easy filling and removal

✔ favourable impact on energy consumption


The different glass door systems :

✔ with built-in frame for coldrooms (FRP) or freezer rooms (FRN)

✔ "Roll-In" glassdoors for coldrooms (FRR)

✔ "Walk-In" glassdoors for coldrooms (FRW)

✔ "Full Vision" glassdoors for coldrooms (FVV)

✔ with built-in frame for large surface coldrooms (MP) or freezer rooms (MN)

✔ sliding glassdoors for coldrooms (FRS)


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Discover our brochure "Glass door systems & FIFO racks"


FRP - Positive temperature (12 products)
FRN - Negative temperature (11 products)
MP-MN - Large surface systems (8 products)
FRS - Sliding doors (8 products)
FFV - Full Vision glassdoors (2 products)
Accessories & spare parts glassdoors (29 products)
Glassdoors Cisaplast
The energy-saving Cisaplast glass door systems ensure a crystal-clear display of refrigerated products. They are available for both positive and negative temperatures and this with a silver anodised aluminium or black painted frame. You will find them in cold rooms or freezer cells, tank shops, self-service shops, supermarkets, cash & carry's, catering wholesalers, ... Moreover, they can be perfectly combined with our FIFO rack systems for glass doors.