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FIFO racks for glass doors


An attractive display makes all the difference, even on cold store shelves. Thanks to Linum's FIFO rack system, you can achieve perfect presentation and rotation of drinks and foodstuffs in the cold store. Behind fixed or sliding glass doors; in bottle, can or pack ... with this system you present your products attractively, professionally and clearly to the customer!


The main advantages :

✔ functional presentation and filling

✔ perfect rotation of drinks and food

✔ steel with special epoxy coating (+/- RAL 9010 white or black)

✔ easy filling and removal

✔ multiple accessories: separations, price rails, plexi fronts, ...


Characteristics Linum FIFO racks :

✔ basic and extension racks, with universal uprights

✔ width dimensions: 660 mm (26"), 730 mm (30")
    and 1250 mm (for Full Vision glass doors)

✔ special coating: protection against tear and corrosion + extra glide

✔ 3 shelves, fixed with closed plate, with conveyors or classic wire shelves


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Discover our brochure "Glass door systems & FIFO racks"


Uprights & product separations (6 products)
Fixed (reinforced) wired shelfs (10 products)
Fixed shelf with conveyors (5 products)
Fixed shelf with closed plate (6 products)
Ceiling support (2 products)
Spare parts/accessories (15 products)
FIFO racks for glass doors