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Strip curtains POS T° Fermoflex

2620 - Set profile & strips POS T° (17 products)
Strip curtains POS T° Fermoflex

Fermoflex 2620 strip curtains are fixed curtains composed of an assembly-ready mounting profile in grey composite with hooks and a number of PVC strips according to the width and height of the door opening. The sturdy and washable composite profile for wall mounting is available in 7 standard lengths: 1090, 1540, 1990, 2440, 2890, 3340 and 3790 mm. PVC strips (190x2 mm) with 40% overlap (80% on request) are cut to length and pre-punched for mounting on the profile. Strips are available in 8 standard heights: 1980, 2080, 2280, 2580, 2880, 3080, 3580 and 3880 mm. Optionally, a suspension piece in anodised aluminium (FFX-9000) is available for mounting the profile to the ceiling.


How to choose a suitable curtain ?

First choose your application (standard or freezer quality) and then determine the correct dimensions of the curtain by measuring the useful door opening. Add +40 mm to the useful width of the doorway and +80 mm to the useful height of the doorway. This is the minimum size of the strip curtain to be ordered.