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Strip curtains Fermoflex - parts

Strips - POS T° / NEG T° (16 products)
2620 - Composite suspension profiles (9 products)
2600 - Aluminium suspension profiles (10 products)
2700 - Hook for hinging curtain (1 products)
Strips on rolls of 50 m (6 products)
Strip curtains Fermoflex - parts

Draught-resistant and hygienic, Fermoflex strip curtains have a sturdy suspension system and are easy to clean. The transparent, pull-resistant strips are mounted one-by-one and are easy to replace. Fermoflex strip curtains contribute to :


  • saving energy by minimising temperature fluctuations via vapour, moisture or air currents
  • extending the service life of cooling components
  • better working conditions and increased productivity
  • reducing ice formation at negative temperatures


Fermoflex strip curtains are made of flexible PVC strips with rounded sides and EU food contact certification. You can choose between standard quality (-10°C to +50°C) and deep-freeze quality (-40°C to +10°C). So you can use them to save energy in cold rooms, freezer cells, commercial kitchens, cold storage and production areas.


Both qualities are available per strip (190x2 mm), in 8 standard heights and pre-perforated for mounting, or on 50 m rolls (190x2, 200x2 or 300x3 mm). Strips on rolls can be cut and perforated for hanging (self-assembly).