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Installation materials and accessories for HVAC, refrigeration, industrial kitchens and foodlogistics

Hamilton Beach


Hamilton Beach Commercial


Hamilton Beach has been a manufacturer of small electric household appliances and appliances for counter use since 1904. Their products are mainly found in hotels, restaurants and bars. Hamilton Beach Commercial appliances are made with ingenuity, durability and attention to detail.


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Bar blenders & High performance blenders

Hamilton Beach Commercial offers a must-have tool for any catering establishment with its range of bar blenders and high performance blenders. With these blenders, you can make perfectly mixed cocktails, smoothies,... in the blink of an eye. Each blender features the Wave Action System, which ensures that the contents of the cup are continually propelled towards the blades, creating an even and airy mass. Hamilton Beach Commercial has been a top player in appliances for bar and food preparation for years.


Citrus juicers

Hamilton Beach Commercial's manual juicer is a true classic for all your freshly squeezed citrus juices. Its unique pressing system ensures that no acidic pulp is released and only pure fruit juice remains. At the bottom of the appliance is a fold-away drip tray. The base of the juicer has non-slip feet.


Food blenders

The Hamilton Beach Commercial food blender is the tool of choice for blending food quickly and consistently. You get the desired result in just a few moments. Large quantities? Then the Hamilton Beach Commercial culinary blender with its 4-litre capacity is the best choice. The food blenders are suitable for mixing, mashing, grinding and emulsifying various food items.



Spindle mixers

The Hamilton Beach Commercial spilmixers are suitable for versatile food or beverage preparation. Think of mixing shakes, but also ice drinks, mixing eggs to even pancake or waffle batter mixing. They are available as single or triple counter versions, as well as single space-saving wall-mounted models.


Big Rig hand blenders

Hamilton Beach Commercial's Big Rig hand blenders allow you to prepare meals easily and quickly. These blenders feature the most powerful motor in their class. The unique ergonomic design offers multiple hand positions for maximum mixing comfort and control. The variable speed knob has colour-coded light for instant feedback of its status.