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Froth-Pak | Dow

Froth-Pak is a registered trademark of the Dow Building international group.




The brand distributes bi-component polyurethane foams (kits).

These portable foam kits allow the professional to simply produce PU foam of the highest quality. This insulating foam is being used to fill up cavities, small spaces, ...


The "Froth-Pak" technique is based on a "frothing" process that makes the foam expand (x10) in the nozzel mixing chamber. Consequently you obtain, from the first moment, a creamy substance which expands a second time (x3). This is the result of a temperature rise within the mixture.


The foam polymerizes to a vast structure during the next few seconds.

This foam technique reduces the warmth development and the pressure, so the needed amount of foam can be dosed in a better way. Foam that is being injected in a cavity, fills it up completely. All necessary retouches can be executed a couple of minutes after the foam is being attached. The foam has a large adhesiveness on most surfaces.


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