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Linum Europe is distributor of the Fluï Kitchen Assistant, a unique and innovative tool who makes sure that the baker, chocolatier or, in general, the kitchen chef can become each time the exact amount of water out of the faucet.


A Fluï is simply being clicked at the spout of a mixing faucet and assists the user in measuring the desired or needed amount of water, spot on. This offers advantages for the exact composition of dishes and preparations but you're also saving both water and time. No more spilling water, no more waiting for nothing at the faucet until you've reached the desired amount of water so at the meantime you can't work on other tasks ... The Fluï Kitchen Assistant makes it possible. The water jet is cut off very precisely when the desired amount is reached.





The Fluï Kitchen Assistant was picked up by the organising committee of the Europain fair in their annual "Prix Nouveauté Europain, and was elected on the 4th of February as Laureate within the category 'Je fabrique', the category for the production material.


The innovative Fluï gets the recognition it deserves. A kitchen or workshop equiped with a Fluï, is after all a place that consciously handles time, ergonomy and savings.


Europain is the two-yearly mondial fair for bread- and banketbakery, ice preparation, chocolate and sweets.










• Easy click-on system: the Fluï can be installed on almost all existing faucets in no time
• Touchscreen and easy large buttons: the Fluï is very easy to operate
• Rechargeable built-in NiMH battery : the Fluï can function a lot of hours autonomously, even up to 2 working weeks.
 With the click-on system you can easily remove the Fluï from the faucet for recharging it
• Calibration : in order to make the Fluï work properly, you need to calibrate it in 3 simple steps

Check out the VIDEO on Youtube.

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