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FIFO Bottle


FIFO Innovations


Fifo Innovations, manufacturer of the globally used "Fifo Bottle" bottles, aims to offer "world-class" products and services. Since its inception, the company already counts more than 100,000 restaurants worldwide using its sauce dispensers. The entire development process is based on creativity and innovation, with the aim of offering user-friendly and hygienic products for the food industry.


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Fifo Bottle

The squeeze bottles are based on the principle that the sauce filled first is also used first. They are perfect for dispensing ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard or all kinds of other sauces. The Fifo Bottle™ dispensing system guarantees correct sauce rotation, less waste and faster dispensing - done with knocking bottles on the counter !


Portion Pal

Portion Pal is a sauce dispenser with handy hand pump for portioning fixed quantities of sauce. A kit includes 3 bottles, a handle, a rod and 5 fixed portion rings. The fixed portion rings are suitable for 7.5 ml (red), 10 ml (green), 15 ml (blue), 22.5 ml (orange) or 30 ml (black). Choice of single-hole membrane or three-hole membrane.


Sauce Gun Bottle

The professional Sauce Guns are manufactured in stainless steel and extremely suitable for intensive use. They can be combined with the Sauce Gun Bottles for optimal portion control. No removable parts, just fill the bottles and start dispensing consistent portions.


For further information, you can also take a look at the "FIFO Bottle" website.