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Fieldpiece Instruments

Fieldpiece tools

Fieldpiece is a world leader in professional measurement and detection tools for the HVAC/R. They only want the best for the HVAC installer: "If we can’t make it better for the technician in the field, then we don’t do it.”

Linum Europe offers a wide range of Fieldpiece products:


Leak detection:

Finding a leak becomes much easier with the Fieldpiece infrared leak detector, refrigerant leak detector with heated diode or the carbon dioxide detector.

Charging and measuring devices:

The Fieldpiece range of measuring instruments includes manifolds, thermometers, clamp meters, ... and accompanying accessories. What's more, these tools can be linked with the Job Link System app.

Vacuum pumps, gauges & recovery units:

With the Fieldpiece vacuum pumps and vacuum gauges you will save a lot of time during your working day and you can perform several tasks in one day. The accompanying vacuum pump oil ensures that everything runs smoothly. Fieldpiece also offers a digital recovery machine.

Tool bags:

Fieldpiece inspection and service tool bags are robust, flexible and specially designed to hold Fieldpiece tools and instruments. These toolbags are the perfect help for both a quick inspection and an extensive one where all equipment is required.


Klick here to discover the Fieldpiece range.

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