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Fieldpiece Instruments



Fieldpiece is a global player in professional measurement and detection tools for the HVAC/R. They want only the best tools for the HVAC installer and to help him/her do his/her job easier, faster and better. They still believe in this mission and want to continue developing their products, people and organisation so that the life of all HVACR technicians becomes even easier, faster and better than it already is.

Linum Europe is an approved partner for Fieldpiece products.

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Leak detection

Finding a leak becomes much easier with the Fieldpiece infrared leak detector, refrigerant leak detector with heated diode or the carbon dioxide detector.

HVAC filling- & measuring tools

Fieldpiece's measuring instruments include manifolds, thermometers, clamp meters, ... and the corresponding accessories. Moreover, these tools can be linked with the Job Link System app.


Charging hoses for refrigerant gases

We offer a premium selection of Fieldpiece refrigerant charging hoses. Our range includes filler hose sets for different gases with valves, vacuum hoses, and various accessories for air conditioning and refrigeration applications. They are designed for ease of operation and installation, featuring robust seals, durability, and safety.

Vacuum pumps, vacuum gauges & recovery units

Fieldpiece vacuum pumps and gauges significantly reduce time spent during the workday, allowing for the completion of multiple tasks in one day. The accompanying vacuum pump oil ensures smooth operation. Additionally, Fieldpiece provides a digital recovery machine.

Tool bags

Fieldpiece inspection and tool bags are durable, versatile, and tailored specifically to accommodate Fieldpiece tools, instruments, and gauges. These toolbags serve as an ideal assistant for both brief inspections and comprehensive evaluations that necessitate the full range of equipment.