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Cisaplast has been a brand of international refrigeration for over 50 years. Its door-frame systems for commercial refrigerated cabinets are installed in every continent, bringing convenience and efficiency to thousands of retail outlets, in a variety of different operating conditions.


Established in 1962, Cisaplast has now reached its third management generation within the family.
This experience, together with aluminium-working skills and a knowledge of insulating techniques, has allowed to take the company to a lead position since the seventies in what is its current core business: the production of glass doors.




Cisaplast glassdoors exist for positive and negative temperatures.

Discover our multiple glass door systems for coldrooms or freezers, tank shops, self service shops, supermarkets, cash & carry's, wholesalers, …

In combination with Linum FIFO racks you become a perfect presentation of refrigerated products.


For further information, we would like to refer you to the "Cisaplast" website.