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Big Foot Systems

Big Foot Systems is manufacturer of solid multifunctional feet, frames and roof inlets for pipework, external units, cables, tubes, … on flat roofs or flat surface. Linum Europe is official distributor of Big Foot Systems.


Fix-It Foot & Multi Foot:


The Fix-it Foot from Big Foot Systems is a solid multifunctional foot for pipework, external units, duct and cable tray runs on flat roofs or flat surfaces. There are 3 models: Fix-it Foot Standard, Fix-it Foot High and Fix-it Foot Low.

The Multi Foot are rectangular supports for multiple applications: pipework, duct and cable ladder/tray, ...

The Fix-It Foot & Multi Foot systems can be found HERE.





H-Frame feet & frames:


H-frame sets & accessories to support pipework, duct and or cable trays.
Big Foot frames are practical support frames on legs to use on flat roofs and slightly angled rooftops.
Perfect for applications with air conditioning Splits or VRF/VRV units.

Big Foot Stand Range is a modular ground mounting system for the installation of different types of units.


The H-Frame feet & frames can be found HERE.





I Beam & Heavy Duty Cubes:


The adjustable I Beam is developed to support heavy installations such as generators and chillers, pipes, cables, …
For heavier installations such as large generators, technical rooms, … there are the Heavy Duty Cubes from Big Foot Systems.
They make use of the "CUBE-METHOD".


The I Beam & Heavy Duty Cubes can be found HERE.





Accessories for Big Foot Systems & Roof inlets:


Big Foot Systems offers also the Step Over & Rapid Walkway.

They are specially designed to provide a secure route for service engineers and other personnel and can be found HERE.

Accessories for Big Foot Systems can be found HERE.


Alixo wall and roof inlets can be found HERE.