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Big Foot Systems


Big Foot Systems


Big Foot Systems designs and delivers outstanding load management solutions for non-penetrating roof installations on buildings. From the initial phone call to project finalisation, the experienced in-house technical team ensures that you get the most cost-effective results as quickly as possible so that the individual requirements of your project are achieved.

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Fix-It Foot & Multi Foot

The Fix-it Foot range includes sturdy, multi-purpose feet in recycled rubber. They are suitable for outdoor units, pipes and cabling on flat surfaces or flat roofs.  The Multi Foot are rectangular plinths for various applications such as cable ducts, pipe structures, threaded rods, ...


H-frame feet & accessories

Big Foot Systems H-Frame adjustable feet come to support ventilation ducts, pipes and/or tubes. They are supplied in sets of 2 feet each equipped with pre-attached anti-vibration mats and a mounting kit. H-Frame adjustable feet are suitable for various profiles (not included).


HD Beams & HD Cubes

Adjustable Heavy Duty Beams serve to support heavy installations such as cooling systems and chillers, pipes, cabling, ... For heavier installations such as large cooling systems, technical rooms, ... there are Big Foot Systems' Heavy Duty Cubes. These use the "CUBE METHOD".


Protective mats

Big Foot Systems also offers various accessories such as Vibro & Fleece Mats to protect the roof membrane from damage, Anti Vibration Pads to absorb vibrations from air conditioners, cooling towers, compressors, ...