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Air Alixo


Air Alixo


HVAC cleaning products for all ventilation and air conditioning systems.


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Too often, too little attention is paid to the importance of cleaning ventilation and air-conditioning systems. However, regular maintenance guarantees a longer life ofthese systems. As a professional installer, it is not only your job to install air conditioning and ventilation systems, but also to maintain them on a regular basis. To do so, you use adapted products that help you to effortlessly different surfaces.


Cleaning and protection

Air Alixo has been specially developed for professional installers to give them the best possible result possible when cleaning or protecting HVAC systems. The Air Alixo range includes various cleaning products:


  • for general maintenance
  • to protect the condenser
  • to clean casings
  • to disinfect the evaporator
  • to clean dirty condensate drain pipes
Air Alixo


Also 100% biodegradable

Air Alixo also offers eco-friendly cleaners that are 100% biodegradable. Thanks to their special formula, they are harmless and very safe to use. The packaging is always reusable.


  • cleaner for indoor units / dehumidifiers
  • cleaner for condensers / heat pumps


Air Alixo cleaning products comply with legislation EU 528/2012 and its amendments.

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