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With a surface area of 10.000m², the expedition centre is the logistic nerve centre of the Linum europe company group. Thanks to this large storage capacity we are able to keep permanent stocks of up to 5.000 standard items that are often urgently needed.
A powerful stock management system is the keystone of our logistics service. Thanks to our wireless barcode scanning every stock movement is fast, flexible and reliable within the whole logistics chain. From reception to dispatch !

Thanks to our stock management system and to the agreements with transport companies and carriers, we are able to dispatch standard references quickly and efficiently. "SAME-DAY DISPATCH" is our everyday motto and we will always try as hard as we can to satisfy our client.

An enthusiastic team of employees, supported by a passionate and enterprising management team, makes sure you get craftsmanship of the highest standards. We search and provide answers to your questions every day. At the counter or by phone, letter or mail, it does not matter; your questions will be dealt with immediately.
By doing this we establish a solid and enduring partnership.

In the manufacture or selection of products we always choose high-quality materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, materials specifi cally designed for the foodservice industry and composites. We also attach great importance to the qualitative properties regarding hygiene, washability, economic use, consumption and last but not least applicability in HACCP processes. Within this framework we work on our qualitative long-term vision every day again. Our ISO 9001-2000 certificate confirms and sustains that.